Hi, my dear and beloved third year students.
I would like to ask you for some advice on songs to listen to in the following year. Remember to write at least two or three correct sentences including information about you, your suggestion and any other ideas you find interesting.  I'm looking forward to your comments:


What's your favourite type of music? Rock, dance, disco, salsa... And which songs would you like to listen to in the English class?Recommend us some song to listen and enjoy. You can start like this: " I'd like to listen to ...." or "I recommend to listen to..."


I remember it perfectly, every day, every minute, since you left our lovely house in the wood, but I rather think about other things, other times with you. Hung up the phone without hearing your voice again, but I guess it was stupid to think I could fix what I did to you after so long. For this and many reasons I write this letter to tell you that I miss you, I miss you, I felt many times the cold in my heart, that had almost forgotten how you’ve made me feel and I understood that I won't forget you. I don’t expect you to answer to me, but I needed to let you know everything I feel and we could be happy again. Love-Adele
She took the paper and folded it with love, tucking it in an envelope on which she wrote an address. A few days later someone called at her door, She was struck, it was Tyler.Adele invited him to come in, without a word. They sat on the couch and he started talking, He told her what had happened in his life, but didn’t comment on the letter. To finish, he also told h…


I phoned him a thousand of times, but I couldn´t hear his voice any more.
One day I a women´s voice on the other side of the telephone. "Who are you?" And I replied: "Is it John?"  She asked again: "Who are you?" "An old friend, I wanted to know how he is now", I said. She said she was his wife, John was working.  I hung the phone feeling so lost, my heart was frozen. I spent some weeks thinking about that, about what could have been but wasn´t,
 Oh! Why did I hurt him so much? I already know I can´t go back in time, everything finished that day. I should forget him. I should try to be happy. I will find a person who completes me one day…
Rocío Muñoz Sicilia. 4º B


I am going to his home and knock on the door but he is angry and he doesn´t open to me. I feel stupid. Next day he phones, asking for me to go. I don´t answer to him. It's just my pride,again, the same situation. 

It´s enough for our pain.



I remember perfectly, I met Peeta at Janet`s party twelve years ago, 21th June 2004, when she introduced him to me. When I saw Peeta for the first time, he caught my eye, he was very good-looking and he had beautiful green eyes. We started to talk, he was very funny and intelligent, I got on very well with him. I also remember  he asked me to dance, at first, I said `no´ because I´ve nerver been good at dancing, but finally I accepted. We danced all night. Before we left, he wrote his phone number on my hand and he said “call me”.
Next morning, when I got up, I was very tired, but I remembered that I had met a boy called Peeta at Janet´s party and he was very nice. I had a shower and got dressed to pick up the endnotes. While I was having breakfast I saw that there was a black stain on my left hand. At that moment,  I rememberd that Peeta had written his number here. I couldn´t believe it! How had I been so clusmy? At school I told everything to Janet, but she didn´t have his …